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Information - Add URL

Our software ask the specified URL. The metadata of the website will be read. If the data was successfully read, your home page to the database is immediately absorbed. The removing of the data is only possible via the contact form.

Re-Register your website leads to the updating of data. We add title, description and keywords to the database. The recording is done only for the home page, individual sub-domains, websites or sections can not be added.

Once captured URLs are updated regularly.

If the specified URL has frameset definition, they must be here also meta-tags. The title of the site must be present. Access to the site should be possible without login.

Last 5 Registrations will be displayed directly on the main page of SpeedFind.net. You can check directly after adding the data with which their home was added. You can also search for your URL for review.

If you are dissatisfied, please edit your HTML tags and update your website.

Your site should have the following structure of HTML tags:

	<title>title of your webpage</title>
	<meta name="description" content="description of your webpage"/>
	<meta name="keywords" content="keyword1, keyword1, ..."/>

Your home page should contain a valid imprint. There is no claim to the inclusion your URL in our database. Web pages that are contrary to existing laws and legal nomenclature deleted without notice.

Currently valid top-level domains (TLD) for add url:
.com - commercial
.net - network
.org - organization
.info - information
.edu - educational
.gov - government
.tv - television
.biz - business
.eu - European Union
.de - Germany
.uk - United Kingdom
.nl - Netherlands
.ch - Switzerland
.at - Austria
.li - Liechtenstein
.dk - Denmark